Full Potential Physical Therapy


Brand Identity

Our logo for Full Potential Physical Therapy is both one our favorite pieces and one of our most complicated concepts. The icon is inspired by the famous spinning rings illusion (as seen here), which shows circular and vertical movement, seemingly unaffected by gravity, friction or physical limitations. The blue sky in the background harkens to the idea of the better pain-free life that Full Potential’s patients will experience after physical therapy.

While it is generally best to limit logos to two spot colors to minimize printing costs, we incorporated a broader palette into this project. To accommodate this complexity without breaking their printing budget, we created a number of logo variations for use in different applications.

The top left logo above uses a full color vector background graphic, and is for use in full color process and on-screen applications. The top right logo above features only two colors and is intended for use in spot color print jobs. The bottom two logos use only one color and can be used in black and white applications and branded apparel.