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A FLEXIBLE RESPONSE TO CHANGING REQUIREMENTS’s VP of Marketing, Kara Kerker, knew what she was looking for in a website design and development partner. In addition to the baseline requirements of technical expertise and a modern design sensibility, wanted a local Portland firm that was also nimble and responsive. Little did we know at the time how important these traits would be as we headed toward a global pandemic and the corresponding shift in messaging strategy that it would require. 

Three months into the project, the world was struck by the COVID-19 virus and suddenly virtual medicine shifted from being a nice-to-have, to being a vital component of healthcare delivery. This new urgency and the launch of 2 additional product offerings necessitated a complete re-imagining of the website, from content to design to several key functionality components. 

The team, now all working remotely, leaned into the challenge with the understanding that the faster the website was launched, the more health systems and their patients we could help. A complete redesign of the site was finished and live in under two months!

“We knew it when we hired them, and then had it reinforced over and over again during the project–Drawbridge was the right partner for  Up-to-date technically, creative, smart and nimble, the Drawbridge team was able to flex multiple times to meet our rapidly evolving needs and help keep us on track for the goals we had laid out at the start.”   – Kara Kerker, VP Marketing

The website now serves as an efficient top-of-funnel sales tool, providing product specs, product benefits based on target personas, company story and values, and a robust content library of videos, blogs, white papers, infographics, articles, and e-books. These materials offer potential clients the opportunity to explore at their own pace and empower them to make informed decisions about adding a virtual care platform to their suite of services. The system  was designed to enable the marketing team to easily add new marketing assets and assign them to specific topics, personas, and asset-types for easy filtering and dynamic displays of fresh content on related pages throughout the site. 

The design of the website, and its  fresh spin on the brand look sparked a movement to update the company’s other marketing materials as well.  DrawBridge Creative is thrilled to be continuing our partnership with and Kudometrix on the design and art direction  of these new pieces!