Digital marketing drives sales. It is a relatively inexpensive option for businesses to reach their target markets directly, no matter where they are. Our team works with you to understand your organizational objectives, craft appropriately-scaled and targeted strategies, and use analytics to track and measure marketing performance.

Market Research

Working together to understand your market landscape, including competitors, customers, trends, disruptors, and your unique niche. Building baseline metrics to better understand the effectiveness of marketing efforts. Acknowledging your internal strengths and weaknesses in order to capitalize on market opportunities and navigate impending threats. 

Content Strategy

Partnering to clearly define your marketing goals and objectives, ensuring they are manageable, achievable and measurable. Aligning resources in support of the plan and coordinate messaging across channels for maximum impact. Creating and serving meaningful content on appropriate channels and timed to the information needs during each stage of the buyer journey.

Analytics & Reporting

Harnessing the power of data to understand customer behavior and make incremental improvements to your website, social media accounts, digital marketing efforts, and more. Setting and monitoring key performance indicators based on marketing objectives. Measuring the impact of paid promotions and track activity such as downloads, link clicks, form completions, and more.

Paid Social Media

Expanding your online communities and reach new audiences in support of your organizational and marketing objectives through boosted posts and paid social advertising. 

Search Engine Marketing

Identifying the right keywords and leverage the SEM networks for maximum campaign reach. Setting the ad format, placement, timing, and budget to achieve your marketing goals. Increasing sales through the search network. Boosting awareness through the display network or video ads. Targeting specific audiences who are actively searching for organizations like yours.